Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks

A Wi-Fi system that combines Enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, a central management controller and cost effective pricing.

The software provides an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface for installing, configuring and managing your Wi-Fi devices. The controller can be accessed through any device using a web browser. A single controller manage multiple sites. Intuitive and Robust Configuration, Control and Monitoring. 

A customized Guest Portal with branding.  Simple password authentication or create vouchers that include distributable codes, duration values, and user restrictions.

Application: Hotels, Restaurants, Offices etc.

Create one large wireless network across multiple APs so users can roam and seamlessly maintain their connection as they switch to the nearest AP. Upload custom maps or use Google Maps for a visual representation of your wireless network. Take advantage of WLAN groups for flexible configuration of large deployments and enable wireless connection between APs to extend range.